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Exercise of Descriptive

Goa Tabuhan Is a Lively Unique Cave

In the cave Nyi (Mrs.) Kamiyem and Ki (Mr.) Padmo sit on a big stone. Nyi Kamiyem will sing a song and Ki Padmo will beat the drum. Joining them are people called wiyogo which are drummer's and other gamelan  musicians.
What makes this unique is that they mix gamelan with the sounds of nature. The visitors dance, forgetting all problems.
Many tourists go to this cave. Maybe you are interested in going there too. But you don’t know where it is. Gua Tabuhan is located near Pacitan in East Java. It is situated in a lime hill called Tapan, in Tabuhan, Wareng village. The route is easy. Along the road there is beautiful tropical scenery to enjoy-rice fields, coconut-palms and birds.
East of the cave peddlers sell souvenirs. The drink and food peddlers are on the north. People sell agates on the cave terraces. Somehow, it is like a fair.
It is said that the cave is the only place where nature produces sounds like the music of gamelan. Nyi Kamiyem, the well-known pesinden (traditional Javanese singer) from, the village of Gabuhan, who often sings in the cave, does not doubt it.
Gua Tabuhan did not use to welcome visitors. According to Kartowiryo (90), village elder, Gua Tabuhan used to be a hiding place for robbers. It was believed to be a sacred place. No one dared go inside. However, Wedana (chief of a district) Kertodiprojo, went to the cave to find out what was wrong. He found out that the cave was inhabited by the annoying evil spirits. The people chased the spirits away.
The cave is dark, so people need lights, and a local guide will lead the way, Sometimes visitors bump their head against the sharp rocks on the ceiling.
Inside the cave there is a plain. Big stone which is believed to be the prayer mat of Pangeran Dipenogoro, one of the Indonesian heroes who fought against the Dutch, It is said that Pangeran Diponegoro used to seclude himself in the cave. Some people now use the place for meditation.
There is a stream in the cave, in the east corner, which can only be seen outside. However, it can be heard from inside.
Besides the cave, Watukarang, a beach nearby, is good to visit. By the way, want different souvenirs? You can find them in Donorodjo village where agate craftsman work. So, have a nice journey.
Taken from Hello English Magazine, January 1996

A. Read the text entitled "Gua Tabuhan Is a Lively Uniqueue Cave” And answer the following questions.
  1. What do you call people who join Mrs Kamiyem and Mr Padmo in the cave?
  2. Where is Gua Tabuhan located?
  3. What will you be able to see along the road to Gua Tabuhan?
  4. Where can you find peddlers selling souvenirs?
  5. What is Mrs Kamiyem?
  6. How old is Mr Kartowiryo?
  7. What did Kertodiprojo find out inside the cave?
  8. What do people need to enter the cave?
  9. What did Pangeran. Diponegoro use to do in the cave?
  10. Can you see the stream inside the cave?
B. State whether each of the sentence is true (T) or false (F)
  1. T - F     You find the drink and food peddlers on the east of the cave,
  2. T - F     The visitors will forget all their problems when hearing the sounds of nature and gamelan.
  3. T - F     To reach Wareng village the visitor get troubles.
  4. T - F     Mrs. Kamiyem is not the well-known pesinden.
  5. T - F     The inside of the cave is like a fair because visitors and peddlers bring light if they come in.
  6. T - F     The cave is used for meditation.
  7. T - F      Visitors who visit the cave cannot find water easily,
  8. T - F      There is only one tourist resort around Wareng village.
  9. T - F     People who are in the cave can hear the stream.
  10. T - F     Pangeran Diponegoro secluded himself not inside the cave but outside the cave.

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