Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Latihan soal hortatory and recount

Read the passage and answer the question bellow!
Can “AFI” guarantee someone to be a talented singer?
            “Menuju puncak” is a song that is so popular now. No one can deny that AFI (Akademi Fantasi Indonesia) has fascinated many fans around the nation. As one of the many talent search shows, AFI is bound to be compared with other such programs like “Indonesian Idol“, “Penghuni Terakhir”, “KDI”, “Indonesia Cantik’ and so on.
            AFI has offered a unique package for viewers; a combination between a reality show and talent show. Its way of finding real entertainers has increased the public’s awareness of the difficulties in reaching the top in the entertainment business.
             Frankly speaking, AFI has not fully succeeded in reaching its main goal. If you take an objective look at number of the winners, you’ll see that they are not yet able to fill the most basic requirements, which is sing properly. This is ironic, considering all criticisms coming from the judges about pitch tones, tempos, and everything that has to do with becoming a good singer.
            Thus, if we want to improve that Indonesian music industry, we should really think about the singer’s and the musician’s talents and train them appropriately, so they can be a professional singer or musician.
  1. What is the type of the text?
  2. What is the purpose of the text above?
  3. What is the meaning of musician?
  4.  “We want to improve that Indonesian music industry,” (the last paragraph)
  5. Mention generic structure for each paragraph!

A friend of mine, Johnny, lives not far from my house he is very rich farmer the richest in my village. Our neighbors like him because he is very kind and not stingy. He has a friend Billy a business companion, who lives in a big city. Every month he visits Johnny for business. He is a successful businessman.
One morning he came to meet Johnny. He said, “Friend, what do you think of accompanying me to a long journey for a pleasure?” “No problem,” Johnny answered. “but when?” he asked. “Now,” Billy replied. “OK. You said a long journey, but how will we go? “Billy said”. “We will go by air.” “Oh no please. I am afraid of traveling by air. You know that newspaper always reporting accidents, especially when taking off and landing, “said Johnny. “Don’t worry friend, we will use my private plane and I myself will be the pilot. Will you trust me “said Billy. “OK, let’s go, “replied Johnny.
They went tio the city and after a short sightseeing trip and having lunch, they headed to the airport. Arriving there, they walked to the runway and boarded Billy’s aircraft. Billy sat behind the steering wheel and Johnny sat beside him. Billy started the engine and Johnny became nervous. He closed his eyes tightly and began to pray. Some minutes passed and Johnny opened his eyes. He thanked God for the safe flight. Surprisingly he said to Billy, ‘Hi Billy, look down there, the people are as small as ants.” “Be calm friend, they are ants; we are still on the ground.”

  1. Who is Johnny?
  2. Why do their neighbors like him?
  3. Who is Johnny’s friend?
  4. Is Billy a successful businessman? How do you know that?
  5. What did Billy come to Johnny for?
  6. How would they go
  7. Who would be the pilot?
  8. What did they do before heading to the airport?
  9. Was Johnny nervous? Why?
  10. Why did he close tightly and began to pray?
  11.   What do you think of Johnny character?
  12. Do you think Billy’s plane is big?
  13. To be safe and comfortable during the flight, what should passenger do?
  14. What are the advantages for an executive of having a private plane?
  15. What text is it? Mention generic structure each paragraph

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