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1.       Ita            : Rudi broke his leg in an accident
Dahlia    : ___, I hope he gets well soon.
A.         I don't care
B.          I hate him
C.          I'm sorry to hear
D.         Good bye
E.          Be better next time

2.        Rany      :   Mom, I've got 9 for my English test and 8 for math,
Mother  : ………,Rany
Rany      : Thank you mother
A.           I'm very disappointed
B.            I'm very sad to hear that
C.            I'm very sorry to hear that
D.           I'm very proud of you
E.            I’m very satisfied with it

3.        Doni     : What do you think of my new dress?
Sarah    : That's wonderful dress, I like it
The underlined words express...
A.           Invitation
B.            Praise
C.            Apology       
D.           Sympathy
E.            Blaming

4.       Shop keeper    : Can I help you?
Dona                   : Yes, I am looking for a dress.
Shop keeper     : .......? Blue or the purple one
A.         Do you like the purple one 
B.          What colour is the dress
C.          Which one do you want  
D.         How many dress do you need
E.          Which dress do you want

5.       X     : Will  you join me to go shopping?
Y     : Oh, I am sorry I didn't need anything to buy
The underlined sentence expresses....
A.           Greeting  
B.            Invitation   
C.            Apology
D.           Sympathy
E.            Declining

6.   Mr. Rahmat :  Well Bambang.  I think it's enough. You may leave now
Bambang       : Thank you sir __ "
A.           I don't wan't to meet you again
B.            Goodbye
C.            I hate you
D.           Do you agree
E.            You are welcome

7.       Mira        : More Tea?
Deddy    : I'd love to but it's getting dark. I'm sorry I must leave now ……….
A.           I like it very much
B.            Thanks for the meals
C.            Thanks for the tea and bye 
D.           Do you agree
E.            That’s enough

8.       The following sentences are expression of 'praise" except
A.         "Well done, Ari!" You are very bright
B.          " That a wonderful picture" 1 love it
C.          "You look nice in that dress!"
D.         "What a pity I should   say you like not  right with your blouse"
E.          "What a wonderful painting"

9.       Adam      :  I failed my dancing test
Jordan   :   ………………..
A.         You must be very upset
B.          It sounds nice
C.          Thank you
D.         That's great
E.          You are delightful

10.    X      : Have you heard that Roy got the first prize for a speech contest held in our school?
Y      : Oh, really? ....
A.           It's impossible
B.            I am feed up with him
C.            I am sorry hear that   
D.           His parents must be proud of him
E.            I think he doesn’t deserve it

11.     Ari      :  " There' good war film   on Palaguna   Theater. Let's go and see it"
Sinta  :  "  ... war films. I'm afraid. I prefer comedies and dramas.
All the answers are right, except....
A.            I'm not very keen on
B.             I especially dislike
C.             I really hate
D.            I'm fond of
E.            I don’t’ like

12.    Wasmana    :  I think it's time to me to go.
Sungkawa    :  Well see you latter.
The underlined word expresses ………
A.         Apology   
B.          Pleasure       
C.          Agreement   
D.         Leave talking
E.          Good bye

13.    Dcddy     :  Do you bring the book you borrowed yesterday?
Diana      :  Oh... I’ll bring it tomorrow. I promise
A.           I am Sorry
B.            I regretted it
C.            I intended
D.           I really feel sorry for it
E.            I don’t know

14.    Ani  planned  to see Safari Garden. She asked Ali to join her and he agreed.
Ani                  : "Would you like to go with me"?
Ali                   :  ……
A.         Never mind
B.          Please help yourself
C.          I'd love to
D.         What a pity! I can't go with you
E.          That’s not true

15.    Father  :   How about your test this morning. Andre
       Andre  :   I think it was too difficult. ... I will get a good mark, I could do a few items
A.           I don't believe
B.            I am certain
C.            I am sure
D.           I am not sure
E.            I think

16.    I don't  know anything about playing chess.
       The italicized phrase indicates ....
A.         permission
B.          obligation
C.          disability
D.         capability
E.          certainty
17.    Student 1 :    How many questions could you do on  the math test yesterday?
      Student 2 :    All questions were easy for me to do.
      The underlined utterance is expressing ...,
A.           like
B.            pleasure
C.            certainty
D.           ability
E.            incapability

18.    X    :  Are you sure you can live without her?
        Y    : I don’t know. It depends on time.
      The underlined sentences express ....
A.           surprise   
B.            offer
C.            uncertainty   
D.           invitation
E.            ability

19.    X  :   Ani is a diligent student, I'm sure she' will pass the examinations with flying colors.
Y  :  I think so, Underlined utterance expresses
A.           Disagreement
B.            prohibition
C.            regret
D.           agreement
E.            uncertainty

20.    Manager           :   Well, Miss Radian. English is favourable for your position in this company.
        Miss. Radian :    I know all about that, Sir. But I'm not good at English actively.
                                    The underlined utterance show…..
A.         capability
B.          incapability                                
C.          uncertainty
D.         certainty
E.          surprise

21.      Rohimat    : My stomach ached all night. I   couldn't sleep.
 Rohiman  :  … hear that
A.         That's good
B.          I'm Sorry
C.          That's wonderful
D.         I do apologize
E.          That’s amazing

22.    Sofy      : I am afraid I've told your problem to her
         Ucha  : Really?
        Sofy   :  I do ... but I didn't mean it.
A.         Apology  
B.          Apologize   
C.          Apologies      
D.         Apologizes
E.          Apologizing

23.    The man  : Excuse me! You seem very confused , ………
                             Stranger  :Yes, can you tell me the way to the Bank?
 The man  : Please go straight along the road and then turn left after the first junction,
 Stranger   : Thank you
A.           Is there you help me
B.            Is there something help
C.            Do you need me
D.           Do you need some help
E.            Do you need some helping

24.    Andi   :  "I'm going to the movie __? There’s a good film there
       Toni   :   "Okay, I'm going with you
A.           Will you join me
B.             Do you like it
C.            Are you all right
D.            Do you agree
E.            Are you sure

25.     Sonia    :   Can you come to my party tonight?
         Andini  :   Absolutely
In the dialogues  Aldi expresses ...
A.           Uncertainty
B.            Ability            
C.            Certainty
D.           Like
E.            Sympathy

26.    Anissa    : I'm sorry, I couldn’t come   to your wedding party next week.
Bahar      : Oh no, that’s a pity.  
The underlined utterance expresses....
A.         Disagreement
B.          Greeting
C.          Sympathy
D.         Admiration
E.          Blaming

27.    Ani      :  Why does Tony apply a job as a pilot?
        Beni    :   Because he has the qualification on  flying  aeroplane.
       The underlined expression above shows ....
A.         pride
B.          hope
C.          possibility
D.         ability
E.          Certainty

28.    Tommy   : What did you think of that film?
        Wisnu      :  I ... and very interesting
A.         I thought it was " Independence Day"
B.          I thought it was bad film
C.          I thought it was started by Kevin Costner
D.         I thought it was quite good
E.          I thought it was a miserable

29.    Yuyus         : Poor Hadi, His father was injured in the disaster.
        Lukmam     : Was he? What do you mean the disaster'?
Yuyus         : The flood that destroyed Jakarta
Lukman      : What a pity he is, then what about her mother and others?
The underlined sentence is used for expressing…
A.         Hope
B.          Congratulation
C.          Regret
D.         Sympathy
E.          Permission

30.    Eddy       : Dad, didn't you see me in TV
Father    : Sure, I did.  You looked great
It means that, he is so ... his son
A.         proud of
B.          attracted to
C.          honest to
D.         grateful of
E.          believe in

31.    Toni   :  What do you think about the party last night?
Rini     :   ….....I   like   it   very   much     especially   the   electrical decoration of the room?
A.           I'm very annoyed             
B.            I have no idea about that
C.            I am extremely dislike
D.            It gives me great pleasure
E.            That’s surprising

32.    Inul    : Would you like to come here again for dinner?
        Uut     : I'd love too but I think it's already dark……
        Inul   :      Ok.. see you again
A.       I am very sad
B.        Sorry, I don't want to see you again
C.       I hate
D.       Sorry I must leave now
E.        Good bye

33.    Student    :   " ……………….   ..?"
Teacher   :     " Yes, you may"
A.         Pardon me, sir. May I come in?
B.          Forgive me, Sir. Could you say it again
C.          Excuse me, sir. May I be back now?
D.         Sorry me Sir, may you join us ?
E.          Excuse me, sir. May you come in

34.    Which of these refusals is polite?
"Would you like to come with me to Ancol on Sunday"
A.           " What a terrible idea!"
B.             "I can't I've got to visit my aunt."
C.            " You must be joking"
D.           "No, no, no "
E.            No, thanks

35.    Nadya                :    Mom, this is my friend. Kaseem,
Mrs. Seliawan :   How do you do, Kaseem ?
Kaseem             :   ..., Mrs. Setiawan?
Mrs. Setiawan  :   Thanks for coming at my    daughter's birthday
 Kaseem            :   You are welcome
A.           Very well thank you
B.            I'm fine, thank you
C.            How do you do
D.           How about you
E.            Nice to meet you


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