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Soal hortatory exposition pilihan ganda

Flooding in Jakarta
Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a big city that has many buildings, offices tower, real estates and skyscrapers which make Jakarta as a beautiful city especially in the night.
Flooding is one of natural disasters in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta beside earth quake. And it is one of serious problems due to flood. 
One of the problems is, there are many citizens who like throwing away the garbage in the street, rivers, or we can say garbage is in every corner of the city. They do not care about cleanliness.  So, it makes looks a dirty city. It is a dark side of Jakarta.
The other problem is illegal house. Many people from central or east java move to Jakarta just looking for a job and they bring their family but they do not have house for their living. So they make an illegal house in the side of river in Jakarta and it makes more flooding in Jakarta.
There are many ways to decrease the flood. First of all, we must aware of flood. Do not try to throw away the garbage. And the last but not least, keep the cleanliness, because the cleanliness is a part of   belief   in Islamic religion. (Written by Intan K. / XI science two)

21.  Based on the text above, how many reasons cause flood in Jakarta?
a.    One
b.    Two
c.    Three
d.   Four
e.    Five
22.  To whom does the writer give the suggestion? (the last paragraph)
a.    readers of the text
b.    People of Indonesia
c.    Citizen of Jakarta
d.   Writer and readers
e.    Someone in Jakarta
23.  “Real estates and skyscrapers…” (First paragraph) the italic word means…
a.    The space above the earth
b.    Where we see sun, stars and moon
c.    Outline of the earth
d.   Very high building
e.    Building of the sky
24.   “One of natural disasters” the italic word is called as…
a.    Noun
b.    Verb
c.    Adjective
d.   Adverb
e.    Compound
25.  “One of serious problems due to flood...” the italic word means…
a.    Use to
b.    Used to
c.    Have to
d.   Cause of
e.    Turn off

Traffic Jam
Everyday, traffic jam always happens in Jakarta. The Jakarta’s streets have already fulfilled by the cars. Traffic jam makes people worry because they are not comfortable by the situation in the street. Besides, traffic jam also makes the police in Jakarta be very busy. Actually, traffic jam in Jakarta is caused by some problems.
The first, traffic jam in Jakarta is caused by many vehicles. Now, more people use their private vehicle to go to their offices. They do not use public transportation such as bus to go to their offices. Whereas, if they use the bus they will not feel tired. They prefer buying vehicle than using the bus, because the cost for buying the vehicle is cheap.
The second is violation of traffic light. Many people do not pay attention to the traffic light in the street. They do not abbey the rules. Beside that, the government does not give a serious punishment. Ultimately, traffic jam happens in the street.
The third problem is much accident which happens in the street. It is caused by the driver who isn’t careful. If the accident happened, the other driver can not drive well. And traffic jam happened.
I suggest that the driver must be careful and they must obey the rules in the street. As long as they do it well, traffic jam will be reduced. And the driver will fell comfortable when they drive their own vehicle. (Written by Atik Hayu / XI science one)

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